SymfonyBricks is an open source project, based on Symfony2 (v. 2.3.x). It was published on on the 1st of October, 2012.


Build a social platform where developers can share their experience about Symfony
Everyone can create a brick (guide), talking about a problem he solved or a smart method to implement something. This is shared with the whole community through a dedicated page on, with correct meta tags, well formatted, info about the author etc.. You can also share a guide you alread put on your blog: by specifying a canonical url your post will not be penalized in search results.

Develop the code of in a open source way
The whole code is hosted on github: this means that you can study the code of the entire website! Being open to user reviews and contributions, the code of itself aims to be a collection of best practices.

Why "SymfonyBricks"?

Thinking to the website or platform that you are going to create as something you build, we can imagine that you are buildng a small house, or a large skyscraper.
For any of the two you choose to build, Symfony can be your concrete: something binding all togheter.
The guides of SymfonyBricks should help you to build your house and to use your concrete: they should be like bricks. This is the idea beyond SymfonyBricks; use as many bricks as your building needs, and share as many bricks as you can, to let other developers use them.